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Male Portrait with Smoke


Exclusive Smokers Association

If used therapeutically,

let it be your "medicine".

If used recreationally,

make it occasional.


Image by Dominik Kempf
  • You can only become a member if you are  18+ years.

  • To become a member you must show valid identification and sign a contract.

  • A staff member will review and copy your identity documents & application.

  • All members donate for their membership card

  • Any donation you make as a member will appear on your member card and remain in your possession.

  • Only members are allowed to enter our association.

  • A maximum of 50 members simultaneously are allowed to be inside our association.

  • Every member should behave nicely and not bother anyone.

  • It's only allowed to smoke cannabis inside the association local. 

  • Strictly forbidden to leave the asociation local in possession of cannabis.

  • You must leave the remaining cannabis in your assigned box number.

  • It's strictly forbidden to enter our association local in possession of any illegal objects or substances.

  • It is forbidden to buy or sell within the association.

  • Under no circumstance the association is responsible for your smoking habits and preferences.

  • If you are NOT  already a habitual or regular smoker, do NOT become a member of our club.

  • Respect the privacy of all other members, and keep a good attitude at all times!

Member Rules


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